The 324th Council takes office…

Elections for the 8 officerships and the various council positions for the 324th Session of The University Philosophical Society were held on Tuesday the 29th of April and the results of the elections were announced that evening.

The results of the elections were:


President – Barry Devlin (sch)

Secretary – Brendan Curran

Treasurer – Cearbhall Maguire

Registrar – Kiera Healy

Debates Convenor – Jonathan Wyse (sch)

Librarian – David Adamson

Steward – Orla Marnell

Schools Convenor – Ciara Finlay

Members of Council

Vice President – Declan Meehan

Pro-Secretary – Emma Reegan

Pro-Secretary – Jonathan Waugh

Pro-Debates Convenor – Sinead Waldron

Pro-Debate Convenor – Conor Sullivan

Pro-Librarian – Dominique English

Pro-Steward – Nikki Wong

Pro-Steward – Fergus Poynton

Pro-Schools Convenor – Joelle Grogan

Pro-Schools Convenor – Liza Cox

On Thursday the 1st of May the 324th session of The Phil began.


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