The Honorary Patronage of John Negroponte…


On Monday the 17th of November, the Phil presented the Honorary Patronage to the Hon. John Negroponte, United States Deputy Secretary of State. We were proud to welcome Mr Negroponte to Ireland, and the Chamber was packed with students eager to hear about his fascinating career, which has included nearly forty years of experience in the United States Foreign Service, terms as US ambassador to Hondarus, Mexico, the Philippines and Iraq, Director of National Intelligence, and ambassador to the United Nations.

Accompanied by Secret Service minders, John entered the Chamber to applause, and was presented with his honorary patronage by the society’s senior patron, John Hegarty the Provost of Trinity College. NegroponteĀ  addressed the society on a number of foreign policy issues; perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the students’ questions focused on the Iraq War. John gave sensitive and thoughtful responses to the controversial issues raised, and handled himself with apomb in the face of the anti-war sentiments expressed by several audience members.




Interviewer: Tom Clonan

(Security Correspondent, Irish Times)



Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.


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