The Kingsmill-Moore Invitational…

It is our great pleasure to announce the results of the Kingsmill-Moore Invitational. The Invitational is a one day debating competition for sixteen elite teams, that is run before the Trinity IV on Friday and the Saturday.

The teams who contested the final of the Kingsmill-Moore Invitational were:
Opening Government: Will Jones and Rhydian Morgan
Opening Opposition: Shane Farragher and Josephine Curry
Closing Government: Luke Ryder and Emily Ravenscroft
Closing Opposition: Stephen Boyle and Gregg O’Neill

The motion was “THW allow individuals to opt out of the benefits and responsibilities of the state-citizen relationship”. The final was won by Closing Government, Luke Ryder and Emily Ravenscroft.

The best speaker in the final was Will Jones.


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