The Catholic Sexuality Debate…

The final Thursday night debate of the year was about the sexual teachings of the Catholic church, and was arranged by our committee of dedicated freshers, the SLR. The first years ran every aspect of the debate, selecting the motion – “That This House Believes that the Sexual Teachings of the Catholic Church are Justified by Fact and Logic” – inviting guests, designing and printing posters and programmes, taking photographs and even writing the minutes of the society’s previous meeting, which were presented by fresher David Barrett, who took on the role of Registrar for the evening. It was a very successful evening, with guest speakers including Senator David Norris, Father Edmund Grace, and Dr Matlock, the inventor of laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. They were joined by student speakers Patrick Kerr, James Doyle, Keith Grehan and Shauna Maguire, while several maidens made their first chamber speeches, including Hannah Cogan, and Anna Cosgrave. Congratulations to the SLR committee on an incredibly successful and thoroughly enjoyable debate! The photographs of the event were taken by fresher photographer Keith Grehan.


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