Nominations to the 325th Council…

Nominations for the council of the 325th session of the Phil took place at an extraordinary private business meeting on Friday the 24th of April 2009. Several candidates for the Officer postions were unopposed, and have been deemed elected: Brendan Curran (Secretary) will be President, Declan Meehan (Vice-President) will be Secretary, Sinead Waldron (MC) will be Treasurer, David Barrett will be Registrar, Kiera Healy (Registrar) will be Debates Convenor, and Dominique English (MC) will be Librarian. There is to be an election between Caitlin Sherry and Nikki Wong (MC) for the office of Steward.

Officer elections aside, there will be an election for Members of Council, where the following nineteen candidates are running.

Hannah Cagney

Anna Cosgrave

Hannah Cogan

James Doyle

Cathal Dunne

John Engle

Keith Grehan

Frank Harte

Olivia Headon

Howard Helen

Paul Logue

Shauna Maguire

Sam Mealey

Laura O’Farrell

Eoin O’Liathan

Alanna Ni Phaidin

Fergus Rattigan

Catlin Sherry

Andrea Waitz

These elections will take place on Tuesday the 28th of April, overseen by Joe McCaffrey (HMC, ex-Librarian). All Phil members not indebted to the society are eligible to vote.

Nominees for the future Phil Council, with members of the current Phil Council (including President-Elect Brendan Curran…who is about to have his legs waxed to raise money to send two Phil Teams to the European Debating Championships in the summer)


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