The AGM and closing of the 324th Session of the University Philosophical Society…


On Thursday 29th April 2008, the society gathered for the final meeting of the 324th session – the Annual General Meeting. The first part of business was the Election Overseer’s Report (EOR), presented by HMC Joe McCaffery, detailing the results of the elections. The second piece of business was the Officers Conduct Report (OCR), presented by Vice President Declan Meehan.

As the report indicated, the 324th session has been an enormous success, one of the greatest years of the society in recent memory. For further details, see the rest of this blog…

After both reports had been read, outgoing members of council (Officers, HMCs and MCs) delivered advisory speeches to the newly elected council. The final piece of business was the exchanging of keys and office to the new council, thus closing the 324th Session.


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