The 324th Session of ‘The Phil’

Enclosed on this blog, is an account of the activities of the University Philosophical Society (aka ‘The Phil’) for its 324th Session. For more information on the society, visit our website –

Every week, the Society runs a weekly topical debate for the students of Trinity College, enabling young people to voice their opinions against those who might otherwise overlook the voice of the student. Every year, the society also invites luminaries from the worlds of politics, academia, business and the arts to address it’s members.

Photographs, videos, audio recordings and information on all of the societies activities for the year 2008-2009 can be accessed on this blog.

President – Barry Devlin
Secretary – Brendan Curran
Treasurer – Cearbhall Maguire & Sinead Finnegan
Registrar – Kiera Healy
Debate Convenor – Jonathan Wyse
Librarian – David Adamson
Steward – Orla Marnell
School Convenor – Ciara Finlay


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