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Phil’s ‘Philander Magazine’ shortlisted for the Student Media Awards

April 2, 2009

The Phil annually produces a magazine for its members ‘the Philander‘ which advertises the socity’s activities to new members. This year’s Philander Magazine was shortlisted for the 2009 Student Media awards in the categories of ‘Best Magazine’ and ‘Best Society Publication’. Congradulations are due to the society Librarian David Adamson who designed and edited the magazine over the summer whilst in San Francisco. His thanks are extended to society Registrar Kiera Healy for her extensive contribution, the Phil council (led by former society Treasurer Cearbhall Maguire) for their fundraising efforts and ordinary members Caroline O’Leary, Kate Tarlton and Michael O’Hare for their input and the time they spent proof reading the magazine.