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The Trials of Oscar Wilde…

March 4, 2009

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

On Thursday the 4th of March, the Phil once again hosted the re-enactment of the Trials of Oscar Wilde. The original performance of the trials towards the end of last year was a massive sucess and a true credit to the students who had tirelessly organised it. To see pictures of last year’s performance, click here.

Oscar Wilde was one of the most renowned student of Trinity College (and during his time at Trinity, he was a member of the society). Wilde’s trials, led to his two year imprisonment in Reading gaol for ‘acts of gross indecency’.

The re-enactment was written by ordinary members, Marianne Cassidy and Davey Kelleher using transcripts from the original trial. The performance took place in the period settings of the GMB and encouraged audience interaction. Upon arrival, each member of the audience was treated like a jury member, and presented with a ‘book of evidence’ containing copies of the letters, poems and prose originally used to convict Wilde. Each member of the audience was also presented with a carnation (Wilde’s favourite flower – he was said to never leave his house without one).

Since the productions original performance, it was approached by the organisers of the Ennis Literary Festival, where it was performed in the Ennis Courthouse on Saturday the 6th March.

To read media coverage of the event, click here: Irish Times, Irish Herald.

The Trials of Oscar Wilde