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John Boyne speaks to The Phil…

April 21, 2009

John Boyne, author of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ made an address in the GMB on Wednesday the 21st of April. Boyne was educated at our very own Trinity College and also studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, where he was awarded the Curtis Brown prize. But it was during his time at Trinity that he began to get published. To pay his way at that stage of his career, he worked at Waterstone’s on Dawson Street, typing up his drafts by night. He is the author of six novels in over 40 languages, as well as a number of short stories which have been published in various anthologies and broadcast on radio and television. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, which to date has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, is a #1 New York Times Bestseller and a film adaptation was released in September 2008.

We were delighted to welcome Mr Boyne to the GMB, where he spoke to an eager audience on launching a literary career, his experience writing ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’, the public reaction to the book and overseeing it’s adaptation into a film. We were also privileged to hear a reading from his soon to be published book ‘The House of Special Purpose’.


The Honorary Patronage of Tom Stoppard and the Honorary Members’ Dinner…

April 8, 2009

On the 9th of April, the Phil held its Honorary Members’ Dinner, inviting former officers of the society back to the GMB to meet the members of the 324th session. The event coincided with our series of literary Honorary Patronages as part of our Great Authors initiative, so we were delighted to welcome our guest of honour, playwright Tom Stoppard (author of Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead, and co-screenwriter of Shakespear in Love). The dinner, at which Mr Stoppard joined us, took place in the grand surroundings of the Kildare Street and University Club, where former and current officers enjoyed the chance to get to know each other. After a pleasant meal, we adjourned to the Chamber where former Librarians Paul Brennan and Iseult Kirwan were awarded honorary membership, and Mr Stoppard received his Honorary Patronage, addressing a huge crowd of society members on matters relating to the theatre and the philosophy thereof. After a lavish reception, members of the society retired to the Stag’s Head, our traditional haunt, to reminisce about sessions past and present. We’d like to thank Tom Stoppard and all our alumni who attended the dinner, and congratulate Registrar Kiera Healy for organising the event. We hope that the Honorary Members’ Dinner becomes an annual occasion, and will keep our members updated about future events!

Click on the image above to access the complete photogallery for the Hon Mems’ Dinner

John Banville’s visit to The Phil…

April 7, 2009

On Wednesday the 7th of April, respected Irish novelist and journalist John Banville became an Honorary Patron of the society. His novel, The Book of Evidence (1989), was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, and won the Guinness Peat Aviation award and his eighteenth novel, The Sea, won the Man Booker Prize in 2005. With a long and distingished carreer behind him, we were honoured to hear Mr Banville discuss his experience as a writer and the influences behind some of his greatest works.

Neil Strauss addresses The Phil…

March 30, 2009

On Tuesday the 30th March, hundreds of eager students squeezed into the chamber of the GMB to hear author Neil Strauss (who also goes by the pen names of Style and Chris Powels) address the society. Strauss is a writer, journalist and ghost writer, known for his best-selling book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. He also regularly writes for the New York Times and is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone Magazine. The

Strauss told ous about the experiences behind his acclaimed book, The Game, in which he tells the tale of his two year transformation from ‘AFC’ (average frustrated chump) into legendary pickup artist Style. The book made a month-long appearance in the New York Times best sellers list and reached number 1 position on immediately after its release in the US.

Neil hung around the GMB for over an hour afterwards, meeting eager young fans and signing copies of his latest book ‘Emergency’.

The Honorary Patronage of Pete Doherty…

February 6, 2009


On Friday the 6th of February, the Phil hosted singer/songwriter Pete Doherty, one of the most controversial figures in modern music. Interest in Pete’s interview and brief performance was immense, with over three hundred students being turned away from the full-capacity Chamber of the Graduates Memorial Building. The event was unfortunately delayed due to the difficulties of flying between Britain and Ireland with the current snowy weather, but when Pete arrived, he did not disappoint.

Over the course of his interview, carried out by Hot Press’ Stuart Clarke, Pete discussed his musical career, his dislike of the intrusive press, his friendship with Shane MacGowan, and his hopes for the future. Inspired perhaps by his illustrious surrounds, he told the students that his ambition had always been to study English literature, but that it had fallen by the wayside. He talked about life as a father, expressing concerns that he couldn’t see his son enough to be a good parent, and discussed his twelve pet cats, worrying that “I smell of cat these days”. During his interview, Pete kept his acoustic guitar close by his side, often bursting into song, to the delight of the audience. He accepted several questions from the student audience, although did not comment on his much-publicised drug problems: when asked what, if anything, he would change about his life, he merely replied, “I would have started brushing my teeth more.” While most of the audience questions focused on Pete’s career, one rather forward student asked if he was single (he replied that he was), while another offered up his living room for a gig later that day.

Many members of the audience commented that an event like this – seeing one of their favourite musicians in such an intimate atmosphere, and being able to ask him questions – is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’d like to thank Pete for giving his time to the society, and for coping admirably with the unfortunate delays.


Interviewer: Stuart Clark (Hotpress)

To read Hotpress’ report of Pete’s visit, click here. To read the Irish Times article regarding Pete’s visit and the events on the Late Late show, click here.


The Honorary Patronage of Dolores O’Riordan…

January 9, 2009

On Friday the 9th of January, the Phil welcomed singer/songwriter Dolores O’Riordan to receive the honorary patronage of the society. Limerick-born Dolores is the frontwoman of one of Ireland’s most successful exports, the Cranberries. She entertained a crowded Chamber with a brief interview, discussing a career which has spanned decades and seen her perform with greats such as Pavarotti, for audiences including Pope John Paul II. After this, the rest of the Cranberries joined Dolores for a short acoustic gig, performing classic songs like ‘Zombie’ and ‘Linger’ (their first gig together in several years).

We’d like to thank Dolores and her bandmates for taking the time out of their schedules to come to Dublin, and congratulate them for a fantastic show.

Read Hot Press’ account of the event here.



The Honorary Patronage of Chris Dodd…

December 15, 2008


On Monday 15th December, Christopher Dodd, Chairmen of the US Banking Committee, became an Honorary Patron of The Phl.  Dodd served as a U.S. Representative from Connecticut from 1975 until 1981, when he became a Senator. He served as general chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1995 to 1997.



Naomi Campbell speaks out at The Phil…

December 3, 2008


The world renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell addressed The Phil in an exclusive interview on Wednesday 3rd December.

Campbell is one of the most influential and talked about supermodels of the fashion world. Her breakthrough as a model was a cover shot for Elle magazine and she later became the first black model to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. Campbell was at the centre of the supermodel elite and idolized as a member of both the supermodel Big Six and The Trinity, alongside figures such as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. With her experience and insight from a career spanning over twenty year in the fashion industry, she is sought worldwide as a muse and model.


Interview by Karen Coleman (Newstalk)

Haley Barbour speaks to The Phil…

November 25, 2008


Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour received the honorary patronage of the society on the 25th of November. Republican Barbour, who received international acclaim for his efforts following 2005’s devastating Hurricane Katrina, addressed the society at an exciting time for American politics, discussing the recent presidential election and its place in a broader political narrative. He talked about the difficult situation the Republican party currently finds itself in, and expressed hope at the possibility of a change in its fortunes. We thank the governor for his time, and were very pleased to invite him to the society.



Tommy Hilfiger speaks to The Phil…

November 21, 2008

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On the 21st of November, students packed into the Chamber to see legendary fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger receive the honorary patronage of the society. Tommy, who was as stylish in person as the crowds had hoped, shared the story of his success as a self-made businessman: he talked of his beginnings selling jeans to his high school classmates, and how his hard work and determination had eventually led to the globally-recognised brand that now bears his name.

We were very pleased to invite Tommy to the society, and thank him for an entertaining address.