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The Honorary Patronage of Pete Doherty…

February 6, 2009


On Friday the 6th of February, the Phil hosted singer/songwriter Pete Doherty, one of the most controversial figures in modern music. Interest in Pete’s interview and brief performance was immense, with over three hundred students being turned away from the full-capacity Chamber of the Graduates Memorial Building. The event was unfortunately delayed due to the difficulties of flying between Britain and Ireland with the current snowy weather, but when Pete arrived, he did not disappoint.

Over the course of his interview, carried out by Hot Press’ Stuart Clarke, Pete discussed his musical career, his dislike of the intrusive press, his friendship with Shane MacGowan, and his hopes for the future. Inspired perhaps by his illustrious surrounds, he told the students that his ambition had always been to study English literature, but that it had fallen by the wayside. He talked about life as a father, expressing concerns that he couldn’t see his son enough to be a good parent, and discussed his twelve pet cats, worrying that “I smell of cat these days”. During his interview, Pete kept his acoustic guitar close by his side, often bursting into song, to the delight of the audience. He accepted several questions from the student audience, although did not comment on his much-publicised drug problems: when asked what, if anything, he would change about his life, he merely replied, “I would have started brushing my teeth more.” While most of the audience questions focused on Pete’s career, one rather forward student asked if he was single (he replied that he was), while another offered up his living room for a gig later that day.

Many members of the audience commented that an event like this – seeing one of their favourite musicians in such an intimate atmosphere, and being able to ask him questions – is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’d like to thank Pete for giving his time to the society, and for coping admirably with the unfortunate delays.


Interviewer: Stuart Clark (Hotpress)

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