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The American Foreign Policy Debate…

October 30, 2008


On Thursday the 30th October 2008, the Phil gathered to debate the motion ‘That This House Believes That US Military Might is Necessary for Global Stability‘. We were pleased to welcome Peter Brookes, Senior Fellow of The Heritage Foundation and member of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, to deliver a paper on the subject; his firmly pro-US stance was criticised by the first opposition speaker, Dr David Ryan of UCC. This set the stage for a vibrant and passionate debate.

Henry McDonald, Belfast correspondent for the Observer, described himself as a “reformed communist” and took a stance he admitted was unusual for a Guardian writer when he spoke in favour of US intervention. He was challenged by Professor Theo Farrell of KCL’s Department of war Studies. We were pleased to invite two maiden speakers to take the floor next; both John Engle, for the proposition, and Brendan Guildea, for the opposition, managed to hold their own among our distinguished guests.

Former Phil President Paddy Cosgrave gave an entertaining speech in favour of both US military might and John McCain. Scott Lucas, Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, spoke against the USA having such an interventionist role. He was attacked by Patrick Mercer MP, former Shadow Minister for Homeland Security, who ably defended the US with a stream of brilliant rhetoric, speaking about his own experiences in the army. Jonathan Waugh (Phil MC) closed the debate by criticising the US, and although the house voted to thank Mr Brookes for his paper, the motion was defeated. Mr Mercer demanded a re-vote, but was overturned.