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The Creationism Debate…

October 16, 2008

On Thursday 16th of October 2008, a debate took place in The Chamber of The GMB on the motion ‘that this house believes creationism is a valid world view’. A paper entitled ‘Evolution Science, Creationism and Materialism’ was presented by Mr Bob Bloomfield, a representative for the London Natural History Museum.

Responses to the paper were made by Paul Nelson, a director of Access Research Network, Darren McCallig, the Chaplain of Trinity College. Speakers from the floor included born again Christian Cian, who argued in defence of the concept of creationism and he was retorted by Luke Ryder (ex-Registrar of the Society). Peter Korevaar, the head of the physics and cosmology working group in Studiengemeinschaft Wort und Wissen spoke next and he was preceded by Fellow Emeritus of Geology, Chris Stillman. Kiera Healy (current Registrar) argued in defence of Creationism as a world view and she was challenged aggressively by Orla Marnell (current Steward and Geology Student) who concluded her speech with “if I’m wrong and go to hell, I say bring it. At least there will be loads of Geologists down there to keep me company”. The closing speakers for the debate were David Colquhoun, a professor of Pharmacy and an Honorary fellow of UCL and David Berlinski, a fellow of the Discovery Institute and critic of the theory of evolution.

The vote to thank Mr Bloomfield for his paper was passed, and when the final vote was opened to the floor, the motion was defeated.