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Gay Rights Debate…

November 20, 2008


On the 20th of November, the Phil held a devbate on the topic ‘That This House Believes That Civil Union is no Substitute for Gay Marriage’. This was our last house debate of Michalemas Term, and it proved aq roaring sucess. The evening got off to an excellent start with a paper read by Rachel Dobbins, Ordinary Member of hte Society, who argued in favour of fully recognised gay marriage.

Ciara Finlay (Schools Convenor) challenged Rachel’s paper, insisting that there was nothing wrong with the controversial civil partnership bill. She was followed by Brendan Curran (Secretary), who talked about the importance of minority rights in a democracy. Eoin Collins, Director of Policy Change for GLEN (the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) and Dervla Brown SC both spoke in favour of gay rights, speaking about the problems of discrimination in society.

Making his maiden speech before the house, David Barrett promised to¬† “appeal to the ignorance of the audience” but nevertheless delivered an intelligent and thought-provoking speech on the subject. Brian O’Beirne (ex-Registrar) discussed the constitutional importance of marriage, while Senator Alex White and Niall Crowley of the Equality Authority discussed the progress that has been made toward a more gay-friendly society.

A second maiden speaker, Andrea Waitz, gave an uproarious speech in favour of equality, and was followed by Declan Meehan (Vice-President) who closed the debate. The house unanimously voted to give Rachel thanks for her paper, while the motion was overwhelmingly passed.